It is with regret that we are temporarily closing our Oak Barn Wellness Centre, until further notice. Our commitment to clients and pets is to offer the best levels of service and care, and current staff shortages mean we’re currently unable to deliver on this promise.


For veterinary support and assistance please contact us at Oak Barn Vets, on 01483 455 355.

We hope to be open and serving our local community very soon. In the meantime, we thank you for your kind understanding.

Hydrotherapy is the treatment of patients using the physical properties of water, such as temperature, buoyancy and pressure for therapeutic purposes; to stimulate the circulation and treat a range of symptoms from many orthopaedic and neurogenic conditions.

hydrothreapy content pic no bgrndWe offer hydrotherapy for your dog on a state-of-the-art underwater treadmill from Tudor Treadmill. The underwater treadmill consists of a treadmill enclosed in a tank, which gradually fills with water to a suitable height for the patient. The underwater treadmill allows your dog to exercise while taking advantage of the therapeutic and buoyant effects of the water.

There are several advantages to using an underwater treadmill over swimming in a pool when rehabilitating animals. The therapist can control many factors including the depth of the water, the speed and incline of the treadmill, and even which legs your pet uses when exercising. This means the treatment they receive can be tailored to target specific areas.

Exercising on the underwater treadmill encourages a normal gait pattern, which is often the aim if your patient has been limping or not weight-bearing due to injury, disease or surgery.

The underwater treadmill can also make hydrotherapy accessible for those patients who are fearful of water; as they walk into a dry tank and the water fills gently from the bottom. Most patients tolerate this exceptionally well as their feet are always firmly on a solid surface.

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Dog hydrotherapy can be beneficial for several conditions such as Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia, Cruciate disease - conservative and post-surgery care, Osteoarthritis, Performance enhancement and fitness and weight loss to name but a few.

Most patients would attend once or twice weekly sessions with sessions lasting approximately 30 minutes, however this may be altered to suit your dog's condition. Prior to the appointment it is essential to be seen by your veterinary surgeon before starting hydrotherapy to ensure that it is suitable for your pet. During this time consent forms will be completed. In rare cases we may recommend a pool rather than a water treadmill. If this is the case we will then refer you to another local hydrotherapy centre.

Prior to your appointment please ensure that your pet doesn't eat for at least 2 hours before a session and encourage them to pass urine and faeces. Please be on time, bring a favourite toy or treats, and a towel or fleece for post session. Please do let our staff know if your dog has any of the following conditions as they may preclude the use of the pool; wounds, skin infections, diarrhoea or vomiting, being in season, ear and eye infections.

After the hydrotherapy session your dog may be sleepy or tired. Make sure that they can go outside if needed, do not feed within one hour of the session and only take for short walks for 24 hours. In some cases, dogs may be hyperactive afterwards, please discourage this behaviour in order to prevent injury. Any possible stiffness should subside with 24-48 hours, but please let us know the next time you visit.

Our pet centric and proactive approach includes an assessment at every session to re-evaluate your pet’s treatment plan and ensure that this is still effective and meeting the patient’s needs.

Our Hydrotherapy sessions are £40 per session or £360 for a block booking of 10.

To book an appointment or to discuss hydrotherapy for your pet further, please contact us on 01483 455355.